Team Slaktoski


About Team Slaktoski

Life, the people in it and the life we have created together intrigue us. We yearn to learn all we can and to try new things. We love to hear all the stories clients and friends share with us, stories that are sure to provide a chuckle, a look of amazement or a tilt of the head in confusion. We enjoy listening to #80’s music (Jean) and all genre’s (Dave), watching reality tv and shaking our heads at the things they do or say. Dave has started curling and loves to talk about it with anyone who will listen. Most of all we enjoy helping people, everything from volunteering at the local food pantry to charity events. We love to be the support characters in another’s story. This site is a look into our sometimes structured, sometimes chaotic thoughts, ideas and lessons. We are not afraid to think “out of the box.” We hope you will be the next one to join us on our next adventure, whether that be buying, selling or investing in Real Estate. "When Integrity Matters!" We're your team.